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Bitcoin use is growing!


For Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, Bitcoin is the answer to significant business management issues.


We provide Bitcoin payment processing services to Medical Cannabis Dispensaries....

IMedical Cannabis dispensaries have significant payment processing issues. Banks and banking institutions have come under some pressure. Recently (5/25/14) "Attorney General Eric Holder said...that the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs." 


Still, banking institutions are reluctant to deal with Medical Cannabis dispensaries. Bitcoin payment processing provides a solution to this issue. According to news reports, "Some medical marijuana dispensary applicants just disqualified by the state Department of Public Health after initially receiving provisional approval are blaming some of their problems on banking, and the disconnect between federal and state law when it comes to medical marijuana."


Other news reports indicate that "The Obama administration..gave the banking industry the green light to finance and do business with legal marijuana sellers, a move that could further legitimize the burgeoning industry.


For the first time, legal distributors will be able to secure loans and set up checking and savings accounts with major banks that have largely steered clear of those businesses. The decision eliminates a key hurdle facing marijuana sellers, who can now legally conduct business in 20 states and the District."


Even with this approval, banks are still reluctant to deal with dispensaries.


Our Birtcoin payment processing services are the answer.





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